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Katya Apekisheva and Charles Owen - Stravinsky Piano Ballets Anna Huntley & Jens Franke - Schubert - Songs for Voice and Guitar Sergio Gallo, piano - Poetic Fantasies Yoon Chung - Schubert - Late Piano Works Polina Osetinskaya - Lullabies

Katya Apekisheva and Charles Owen - Stravinsky Piano Ballets


Stravinsky Piano Ballets
Katya Apekisheva and Charles Owen

According to Stravinsky, Petrushka started out as 'an orchestral work with the piano playing the most important part – a kind of konzertstück.’ It was the impresario Serge Diaghilev, founder of the Ballets Russes, who persuaded him to transform this existing material into a full-length orchestral ballet score. Stravinsky almost invariably composed sat at the piano – the shape of his ideas was determined by the instrument’s essentially percussive nature. In the case of Petrushka, the title character’s distinctive harmonic profile rose directly from the juxtaposition of two chords based respectively on the keyboard’s white and black notes. The piano-duo version is therefore no mere arrangement but the original source out of which the orchestral score was fashioned.




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